a tribute to the FIRST arrow >>>>>>

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Fry-17Fry-17 11.28.16_11811.28.16_118 11.28.16_10311.28.16_103 Fry-2Fry-2 Fry-4Fry-4 11.28.16_03111.28.16_031 Fry-23Fry-23 To our first born, Mackenzie Grace Fry, or better known as "the Mack" you have bettered us and those around you.  You have a wonderment towards life that is contagious and life giving.  It also can be super annoying and i want to give you a good ol' dose of reality somedays BUT nevertheless less you continue singing {literally}.  No matter. how rough your day,  you retreat to the piano and sing it out as praise. I love that and it also drives me crazy since we have a LOT of noise going on already.  BUT who can condemn you or tell you to stop singing "Be thou my Vision" .  You dream BIG but it is the small things you do that make you shine from the inside out.  It is the encouragement notes for so many friends & family,  along with the behind the scenes car rides that lead to spiritual talks and the bible studies you have led at lunch that make a difference.  You are not perfect by any means and you could be faulted for TMI "too much information" but you will never be accused of not being a walking party.  Truth is you don't typically win the public awards but I know and God sees you are the REAL DEAL. Honest friend. Jesus follower. Sinner saved BY GRACE {your middle name for a reason}. We love you Big mack small Fry.  Now that high school is over we want to see you cut loose for the KINGDOM of God.  


PHOTO CREDIT to Austin Day Photography

"to mother" is a verb

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MOTHER: the noun form of mother may mean "a relation to whom a woman has given birth"- BUT the verb form, according to Websters Dictionary, means "to bring up with care and affection"  or "to look after kindly and protectively". This mothers day I am struck by the reality that the call for ALL women is to "mother". Mother's Day - I believe - ought not be celebrated for just the select group who have birthed a child, bearing flesh of their flesh. Rather can we celebrate ALL women who have embraced the calling of God to nurture and care for those around them?  Many may not have given birth, yet they have invested in lives that then turn to NEW LIFE  in CHRIST. I know my life would not be the same if not for women within our church family who have, regardless of having birth children or not, have invested the time to care for me with kindness & affection. I am saddened to think that some view today as a day they have to sit out of or be excluded from.  Rather, may today be an encouragement to all women who take on the responsibility of "mothering" someone. In the Bible, the prophet Isaiah writes -- Bind the brokenhearted; Offer freedom to the captives and comfort those who mourn. Share the good news of Jesus.  I am praying today for so many that ache to bear children of their own, but I also want those women to be encouraged -- You have a great calling equally as important to those who have physically born children.  My story has allowed me to birth two children and understand the pain of losing one as well.  Through the "taking away" God opened my eyes to advocate and seek to nurture those who could not for themselves...so for what it is worth - "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" to ALL women who choose to care and nurture those who God places around them.

our little Abraham & Peter

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EasterEaster Easter day and the days preceding brought a plethora of questions from our littles. And no question is too silly or mocked.  We love the chance to unpack the good news Jesus brings to life. The boys know in their heads that "Jesus died for our sins and He rose again on the third day according to the scriptures" they have memorized it straight from the Bible but this year their hearts wanted more answers.

What if Jesus didn't raise from the dead?

Why did He have to rise?

Good stuff. Great questions.  So dad patiently listened and answered all their questions and I had the joy of overhearing in the hallway. I could hear the eyes of their hearts being opened to what was offered to them through Jesus death and resurrection. They wanted forgiveness and a relationship with Jesus.  I came in after I heard their little voices ask for forgiveness and with child like faith received Jesus gift of salvation.

SALVATION from a life without HOPE.

SALVATION from a life void of purpose.

SALVATION from a very real place called HELL.

Javea quickly asked if he would still keep sinning... my response "Does mommy still sin?" ummm YES. But we have the power not to, the same power that raised Jesus from the grave lives in you and me.  He smiled and laughed his minion like laugh. I so wish I could have videoed this moment but I pray no matter what accusations the "father of lies" sends their way that they will never forget.  These two brothers have always had quite the unique bond. One I would say is deeper than most siblings.  They survived together, at a very young age when most children are being cared for by loving parents, they grew a love forged out of the lack of love surrounding them.  As much as they compete and tattle they are lost without the other.  They are like Shrek and Donkey. Seriously. So how fitting that laying side by side in their beds they both became CHILDREN OF GOD or as Tay so rightly said "um MAN of God".  They have been welcomed into the LOVING, FAITHFUL, JUST, and GOOD arms of our Heavenly Father. Safe and secure forever IN HIM.  

So I shared with them the new "spiritual" name I have always seen in them. Understand we didn't change their birth names since everything else in life had been taken away and their given names held a part of their ethnicity as well. To Javea I gave the name "Peter"  it means "Rock or Stone". The apostle Peter in the New Testament was in my mind fearful at times and yet through the power of God he was fearless and became the very stone by which God would build His church. Vea has overcome much fear but the neglect of the past haunts him still. I pray he becomes confident in who he is IN Christ. Then fearlessly advances the Kingdom of God. And to our Teaundre O'Shaun I call you "Abraham" which means "Father of many nations" {even though Javea wanted you to be called Samson because of your strength}.  We have watched Tay move furniture at the age of 2 and his physical presence can move people quite easily BUT I pray he helps move hearts for the kingdom of God. That many people will see his faith and come to Christ. Tay stands tall among the crowd and I pray he leads masses to Jesus.

So I hear the question asked -- How was your Easter?  Well gotta say we celebrated NEW LIFE and no chocolate bunny can top that!

not today, not in my house

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Not gonna lie this morning was rough. It has not been the first or the ugliest. But the defeat of reliving the same struggle has gotten me a bit discouraged. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day! Instead of trying to change the events though I am running to God's UNCHANGING TRUTHS.

I typically don't air my "dirty laundry" on social media. NO I am not a poser of the pretty & perfect life. I would welcome you into a daily dose of the #fryfails anytime. And anyone who walks life with me knows - I am REAL {a bit too raw at times}. SO to my posse of friends -THANK YOU for shouldering our dirt with us. BUT with Easter on my mind and all the events to be remembered & celebrated my soul longs for VICTORY!

Daily we watch a child of ours live in darkness {not physically but spiritually}. Choosing to live in lies and deceit rather then LIGHT and truth. Walls of anger surround her heart and insecurity cripples her. No matter the opportunities of freedom that surround her she straps on the chains.  The chains of Satan's lies -- "You are not deserving" "You are not worth it" "Trust no one, they might leave" and the list goes on ...

Then enters imperfect mom weary of the behavior that feels like an assault on me. Bearing my own struggles with sin, distrust and anger I attempt to slap some duct tape on the situation by tossing out consequences to her actions when the very foundation of her heart needs restoration. And so does mine.

So I preach a mini sermon on the way to school about what Jesus overcame for us to live victorious, I mean that is what we celebrate this weekend right?  Through the empty tomb Jesus said ...

DEATH I own you and HE ROSE.

Through HIS life HE said ...

SIN not today, not in my house!

He offers all that HOPE to you and me.  I am thankful God gives me glimpses of how when I strap on the chains of Satan's lies it causes HIS heart to ache and He longs for me to choose FREEDOM. His victory is mine. I pray for our children and others to live as victors not victims but this afternoon God needed to sit this momma down and preach it to her heart -- LEAH, tell Satan NOT TODAY, NOT IN MY HOUSE and claim it everyday til HE comes...

haven [noun] a place of safety and refuge

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this is where our family gathers. life unwinds here and we regroup. countless conversations. hard conversations are hammered out under this roof. while this is just the setting for safety and refuge, an earthly "haven".  God is our true "REFUGE and STRENGTH, a very present HELP in trouble." -psalm 46.  i am thankful for the late night chats and early morning pep talks as we walk alongside our children thru life's hardship, challenges, disappointments and victories.  our walls are littered with sentimental remnants of God's faithfulness, trinkets old and new that speak to the anchoring promises of God. we are thankful for our earthly "haven" but it will not hold our feet secure in the waves of life. so we daily are asking God to grow the desire to run to JESUS. may our short time under this roof while the quiver is full point each arrow to HIM and the hope of our eternal haven …. 


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